Over the past couple years I’ve been sampling different brands of running singlets and shirts.  Most of them had pros and only a select had cons but there was never the ‘cool aspect’ of the shirt’s design that I truly liked.  Most of the time I would get a singlet and work with a local printing shop to come up with a cool design to screen on it.  Downside to adding extra screening to a technical shirt though is that is gets heavy with the screen material.  Thus can lead to chaffing.  Yeeouch!

While searching the interweb this past winter for a 100 mile training program I stumbled across a couple of threads from some ultra runners about a company, INKnBURN, based out of California that create and sell unique athletic apparel.  I checked out their site and while most of apparel is targeted for women I found the men’s section and their designs were EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I’m pretty sure that week I placed my first order.  The blogs where right, their product was top-notch apparel.  Breath-ability, great quality of material and some kick@ss designs!  My first purchased included the green Run or Die Skull singlet and the blue Ultra Runner tech shirt.  When I got the Ultra Runner shirt I was like…is it to cocky to wear this?  Who cares!!!  I’ve run 50 milers….I’m d@mn proud of that and yes, I’m an ultra runner.

As early spring time marathon races started to roll around the corner I figured I need to revamp my running apparel.  Thus a good reason for more INKnBURN singlets.  🙂  This time I got my boys excited for some shirts.

I noticed there was an Ambassador application that INKnBURN promotes for a select few to be part of their team to help promote their product but most importantly help promote being active and healthy.  I figured I give a shot as that sounded like a perfect team to be part of.  So I filled out my application and sent it in.  And waited, and waited and waited.  I thought that I wasn’t selected and I was okay with that.  But then a couple of weeks back I noticed they posted their weekly MontageMonday photo.  This photo typically is a collage of photos of people proudly wearing INKnBURN apparel at races/training runs/events/etc.  But not this one!!!!   The caption read…”Meet your newest additions to the INKnBURN Ambassador Program! Congratulations!”  I quickly started to scan the photo to see if I had a photo of myself in it.  I honestly didn’t see myself right away but when I did….let’s just say my fellow cube mates were startled by my excitement.

New Ambassadors

New Ambassadors

So I’m proud to say that I’m officially an INKnBURN Ambassador.  Thank you Holly Miller for this amazing opportunity!


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