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This weekend’s training schedule just got REAL folks. 30 for Saturday and 20 for Sunday. This past week I worked on getting my lower miles but was truly feeling the fatigue from last weekend’s Dirty Burg 50K. Pretty sure it was from the incredible amount of water weight I burned through that day. When the cooler weather gods provided us a great Wednesday morning I was hoping that trend would continue through for today’s run.

Think I know why today felt a 'tad' easy than last week.  Can you guess why?

Think I know why today felt a ‘tad’ easy than last week. Can you guess why?

Going into today’s run I needed to be flexible as Susan is on-call for the weekend thus I needed to work up a couple of routes based on whether she’d get a call.   Plan ‘Run to Portage and Back’ turned out to be the best approach but would require to leave the Ranch by 5:15am (ugh) in order to get to Durlach’s house by 7am to join them for a 8 miler.  Temperature read 65 when I started my run but I neglected to check the dew point and humidity level. After a mile down the road, in my trustworthy INKnBURN Brick Wall tech shirt, I was soaked (sure glad I packed my InB Kabuki tank top for a quick change later).  Oh boy, here goes another hydration training run. I will say that this Jurek Ultimate Direction vest ROCKS!  To be able to load up 90oz of hydration, a ton of nutrition and a tank top really helps with the mental game on these long runs.  Side note….Before I trekked out on the run I decided to reload my Black Diamond Storm headlamp with some new AAAs.  Wow, what a difference that made.  I only needed the 2 single LEDs to provide enough light for footing along the road plus give light so cars would spot me.


After venturing for a good 11 miles, it was good to ditch the vest and knock out some easy miles with Durlach, Gooch and Katie.  Was nice to see that Timis still gets lost every now and then on a group run.  😉  On our way back from our turn around point it was nice to see that we were protected from harm by our Orange Julius Super Friends!

Gun Show!

Sun’s Out, Guns Out!  ‘Ain’t no one missin with them!’

Snack time was in order when I started my run back to the Ranch.  Walked the first half mile while consuming a delicious protein bar that was a random purchase at a gas station last week. I honestly can’t remember who made it but it was packed with chocolate chips and peanut butter AND it hit the spot.  On my long runs I typically try to eat every 5 to 6 miles but I forgot to pack something when I ran with the group.  Although their water stops did provide pretzels and cookies (which did hold me over a bit) but I could tell that I was needing some caffeine.  I knocked out about 4 miles then I tapped into a Roctane GU packet.  It’s amazing how fast that caffeine kicked in.  By the time I reached 6th street (around 25 miles), my stride was back along with my energy.

As I was trekking back and kicking it to some Mumford & Sons tunes on the Shuffle, I found myself making it a priority that I run on the side of the pavement.  I was thinking, people most think I’m odd if they actually watched me run as I’m sure I like a jack rabbit bouncing around.  Most might fight to find the smooth section of the road why I rather take on the ‘trail’ aspect of the road.  What do you prefer?

Dirt vs Pavement.  What is your picking?

Dirt vs Pavement. What is your liking?

Gear on the Run

I’m going to start listing out the gear I equip myself with on these adventurous running blogs as some have asked what am I wearing these days.

  • Shoes – New Balance 1080v3
    • This was the first time taking these kicks for a 15+ miler run.  I will say they are still stiff and my feet are sore.  Overall good shoe but I think I need more breaking in time before they see another 20+ miler.
  • Socks – Wrightsock Double Layer
    • The only pair of running socks in my drawer are these.  Love them!
  • Shorts – Salomon Short Tight
    • Hot, humid days call for these as they wick away sweat.
  • Top – As you read I started the run off with my Brick Wall INKnBURN tech shirt but when I realized it was too humid I switched to my Kabuki tank top by INKnBURN.
  • Vest – Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Vest equipment with two 20oz bottles and a Camelbak 50oz bladder.
  • Headlamp – Black Diamond Storm
  • Music – iPod Shuffle jammed packed with great music!
  • Watch – Trusty Garmin 910xt

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