INKnBURN – Gear Review


You’ve seen me talk about INKnBURN recently and some of you have seen me sporting the tech shirts and tank tops.  Well get use to seeing more of this as this apparel ROCKS!  So why you ask that I love their product so much…..we’ll let me tell you why.

  1. The fit of the tech shirts and tanks are the best I’ve found in my search for running apparel.  Being 5’9″ and pushing 165 lbs, the tank tops fit amazingly even in a size small while I have plenty of room to move in a size medium for the tech shirts.
  2. The graphics are A M A Z I N G !  When you’re incorporating skulls, guitars, mountains, bricks, Samurai warriors, etc. … you know the gear is one of kind.
  3. I was looking for something that would stand out from the crowd when toeing the line.  INKnBURN products definitely provide that unique look from everyone else.
  4. All of their product is made in the USA!  Enough said.
  5. Durable.  I’ve worn my the tech shirts and tank tops all summer during my hundo training and they still look brand new.

So check out INKnBURN when you’re looking to replace or purchase new apparel.  And to even help you with that first order….use my promo code ‘ScottToldMe‘ at checkout!  You’ll received 15% off your purchase (this is a one-time use code).  From then on when you create your account (which is free to do so) you’ll earn a $10 credit toward your next order.

Still not convinced?  Well have a peak into my armor of INKnBURN and see how amazingly unique their gear is.

Ink Tech Shirt - Yes, that is my wife's pink one.  These are so cool.  Definitely define the INKnBURN brand.

Ink Tech Shirt – Yes, that is my wife’s pink one. These are so cool. Definitely defines the INKnBURN brand.


Brick Wall Tech Shirt – Love, LOVE this shirt. My all time favorite. Why break through the brick wall when you can carry it!


Adversity Tech Shirt – The theme of this is ‘Strength through Adversity’ and totally defines a runner in any distance.

Ultra Runner Tech Shirt - Shirt says it all

Ultra Runner Tech Shirt – Shirt says it all


Rock’n Roll Tank Top – Bring on the tunes and rock the pace


Kabuki Tank Top – A tank that has a Samurai warrior on it…AWESOME. This tank has turned into my recent shorter races.


Run or Die Tank Top – The green one was my first tank top purchase from INKnBURN. Skulls and water bottles….SCORE!