From attempting to stick to a taper week mileage, bonking hard on a lunch time run, finishing a decent hill repeat day, attending a funeral and wedding on the same day along with an oil change in the Fusion and a headlight replacement on the Trail Blazer THEN making a round trip to Manistee, MI to run a trail marathon, this has been an adventurous week!

Tuesday’s lunchtime run offered up another successful effort with the Run@Lunch crew.  No soreness from the 80+ miles week prior (hundo training paying dividends) so keeping a fun pace with these guys (7:45s) AND able to have a conversation the entire time is AWESOME!  Wednesday’s plan called for a 10 miler but I figured with the trail marathon coming up I could just stick to an 8 mile with Baker at lunch time.  This run was one for the record books and not the good favorable record.  Bonk training run!  Learned that if I don’t eat anything in the morning, lunchtime runs with high humidity equals BONK!  Was super happy though that Baker was there as he definitely helped me get to the end.  Needless to say that I ate like it was a Thanksgiving dinner that day.  Bonus it was a company picnic day thus food was free too!  🙂

Thursday called for the ‘ever so fun’ hill repeats.  I was 100% in on these as I wanted redemption from Wednesday’s bonk.  Coach Baker called for 6 of them so that is what we hammered out.  Not my fastest splits but successful splits to say the least.

Hill Repeats

Friday’s plan called for an easy 5 but Friday’s life agenda was booked for the day.   From getting the headlight replaced in the Trail Blazer, attending a funeral for a man who holds a place in my life for baptizing me when I was 8 years old, finally getting a chance for a lunch date with Susan, oil change appointment for the Fusion (I will say that was a comical experience as I overheard a lady talking about her 200,000 mile tires…yup, 200,000 mile tires), clean house, line up dinner for the boys and their babysitter, then attend a wedding at the beautiful W. K. Kellogg Manor house (congrats Susan and Denny!).  Oh did I mentioned I also packed up for a Saturday morning departure at 2:30am?  Yeah, Friday was good but phew….tiresome.

Alarm sounding off at 2:00am with only 2 hours of sleep in the bank….yeah, that was tough to NOT hit the snooze alarm.  To read more about Saturday’s adventure, read my 2013 NCTR in Review blog.  The race was awesome year!  From the crazy fun round trip to get there and back to finishing a trail marathon in a time that I honestly didn’t expect.  Again, check out my race review blog to learn more.

Saturday evening rolled around and it was lights out early!  Looked at my phone to set an early morning run alarm and remembered…BONUS, it’s taper week thus I can sleep in.  WOOHOO!!!

Sunday is a day of rest…..why yes it was!  Breakfast with the family, running into a high school buddy at church, fixing lunch for the family, mowing the lawn (yes I do find this activity relaxing), recovery run with my beautiful wife then ending off the day with grilling some dinner and relaxing on the patio why the boys enjoy our redneck pool.  11 days to GO!

Bestest Friend Recovery Run

Pool Time!

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