October = Marathon Time

Sleeping Bear
As we roll into October most would say it is the official time of the year for autumn and some may even think about getting ready for Halloween. Well this time of the year means marathon time to me. Crazy to think that just 3 years ago now I was gearing up for my first marathon. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon was my 26.2 debut. While my wife and I have enjoyed running this race for the past three years this year we choose to look for an October race that was scaled back a bit from the large crowd. Sleepy Bear Dunes Marathon was the venue that we choose. It is located just 20 minutes from our cottage in Lake Leeleanu county. We figured that this would be a great event that would provide amazing views of the autumn trees as this time of the year nature provides an incredible displays of colors.  What fall race(s) are you looking forward too this year?

Running after Woodstock 100
I’m happy to report that I feel that I’m 99.9% back from the Woodstock 100 miler.  I did take 4 days off before lacing up the shoes again.  I will say that first run though was pretty interesting as my hip flexors where incredibly tight.  Eventually the tightness and soreness worked it’s way out and that following Saturday I was able to crank out an easy but hilly 18 miler with a group of friends.  To date I’m back to averaging 40 to low 50 miles a week and have been able to add some tempo/speed work back in also.  So as I’m looking at this upcoming marathon on Sunday I am truly excited as my training pace has gotten a bit faster and I’m thinking that may pave the way to a PR day.  My fastest marathon time is 3:19 and I did that a couple years ago at the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, MI.  So I’m hoping that the large volume of miles that I have under my belt from this past summer’s training along with the additional speed/tempo work we’ll see some new PR digits.  🙂

Stay tuned as I’ll post a race recap later next week.

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