Hundred mile training week number 22 – CHECK! Last of the higher mileage week (80+ miles) – CHECK! Now onto a three week taper! Phew!  Now that the hard part is done, it should get easier, right? Look back to last week… My typical training regiment for the long run weeks include: Monday –, Read More

You’ve seen me talk about INKnBURN recently and some of you have seen me sporting the tech shirts and tank tops.  Well get use to seeing more of this as this apparel ROCKS!  So why you ask that I love their product so much…..we’ll let me tell you why. The fit of the tech, Read More

As I finished up week 21 of training last week it was bitter-sweet to be able to knock out my long miles over the weekend up at our cottage on Lake Leelanau.  For those that may not know where Lake Leelanau is, it’s located just west of Traverse City and consists of two large, Read More

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and craft out a summary of the fantastic events that happened over this past weekend. From enjoying a recovery week in training to relaxing on the new back patio at the Ranch with the family on Sunday afternoon.

As the beginning of this week kicked off I was truly looking forward to a low mileage week that the hundo training plan called for as I knew the week would be packed full of other activities around the ranch.

This weekend’s training schedule just got REAL folks. 30 for Saturday and 20 for Sunday. This past week I worked on getting my lower miles but was truly feeling the fatigue from last weekend’s Dirty Burg 50K. Pretty sure it was from the incredible amount of water weight I burned through that day. When, Read More

Over the past couple years I’ve been sampling different brands of running singlets and shirts.  Most of them had pros and only a select had cons but there was never the ‘cool aspect’ of the shirt’s design that I truly liked.  Most of the time I would get a singlet and work with a, Read More

Figured I’d take a minute and highlight some amazing activities that occurred this past month on the Ranch.  From re-landscaping to elevation training to trying to co-exist with a high dew point. On the Ranch Susan (my wife) and I finally pulled the trigger on a re-landscaping effort around the house.  Out with the, Read More