2014 Groundhog Marathon Recap

I added the Grand Rapids Groundhog Marathon event to the ‘to do list’ this year as it fell in line with my training plan plus it was a fun and adventurous race last year.  Last year’s weather was in the single digits and about 2 feet of fresh powder snow.  Fortunately someone drove a golf cart or ATV through the course before the race thus provided two lanes of foot traffic.  For those that may not know about this event, it’s a loop course that is 4.4 miles in distance.  So if you tackle the marathon that’s 6 laps.  There are two aid stations on the course and one at the start/finish line.  Last year the footing improved with each lap because of the runners.

2013 Groundhog Marathon

2013 Groundhog Marathon

Well this year was quite an adventure.  If  you’re from Michigan you know that we get snow and at times a lot of it.  For the past couple weeks we have definitely had our share of snow.  Basically imagine running in 2+ feet of mashed potatoes with lumps.  Eventually in some sections of the course the snow was packed down pretty well but that would only last for about 20 feet or so.  Overall I felt pretty good but just keep a slow pace on the day.  I’ve heard that there is some sand at the DWD Green Swamp 50 miler that is coming up in March so I think today’s 6hr adventure helped with that.  😉  Overall I finished around 5:55 and some change.  I ended up 3rd in my age bracket and 16th overall.  Pretty happy with those results as I didn’t plan on racing it.  200+ people started the marathon and only 39 of us finished it.

Love this shirt!  Ugly holiday sweaters rock!

Love this shirt! Ugly holiday sweaters rock!





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