Time for a REBOOT


You may have been wondering where has VanLoo been lately or why haven’t you seen any race news since Dances with Dirt Hell? Well after an amazing year of adventures I’ve decided to take a little break from the long weekly miles and start to focus on ‘rebooting the system’.

The time off has provided some time for me to focus on how I can train/compete at a better level in 2015 along with balancing family, work and training. Training for the 50s and 100s does take time and this year was honestly a tough one to juggle. Overall I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of my wife, my boys and family.


Do I have any target races for 2015? That is still unknown. I will be throwing my name into the lottery for Western States here shortly as their lottery process will be getting harder and harder to get in if I don’t throw my name in now #WS100 is the number 1 bucket list race of mine. Hmmm…maybe a future post will be themed around VanLoo’s top 10 bucket lists of races. Stay tuned for that post.


We have family and friends that live in Colorado and my goal is to someday run out that way also. Either in a race or just a fun run with some friends so a Colorado trip might be in store for 2015. I know that my friend Joseph Trupp is aiming for redemption at Leadville in 2016 so maybe I’ll just have to tag along.

For now, I’m enjoying some weekend trips with the family around Michigan.


Lake Leelanau

10-21-2014 1-05-42 PM

Fishtown in Leland, MI


Cruising around Mackinac Island


Annnd a last-minute entry for some local fun runs and races!  🙂 You think I could stop cold turkey from events? HA


Jim’s 8.eat Pancake Run. Syrup and bacon at the aid stations! #awesome

10-21-2014 1-04-09 PM

Lighthouse Half Marathon – GREAT EVENT – R2 #inknburn sighting

10-21-2014 1-04-58 PM

One activity that I’ve been apart of lately is the YES for Mattawan Schools bond proposals campaign. I joined the media team for this campaign and my focus has been on our website development. This experience has been AMAZING! Yes it includes some late night researching and web development but wow, it has truly been a fun ride. Our team consists of some of the most incredible local professional talented people I’ve met. #bada$$ is what I’ve described us. Checkout our website to find out why I’ve joined this team and see what Proposals 1 and 2 are incredibly important for our students come November 4th.


#YESforMattawanSchools #Proposals1and2

Yes I do still owe a recap write-up for the this year’s four Dances with Dirt 50 mile events. Hang in there as I will get that done soon.

2014 4Bs

Meanwhile keep running and let’s gear up for some snow drifting tempo runs!

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