#RocktheVOTE Mattawan

Tomorrow is November 4th…aka, midterm election day! For the past couple months I have work alongside some amazing professionals as we teamed up to help promote and educate the local community about our district’s two school bond proposals. While the adventure has included many, many long nights of fact-finding, website developing/maintenance, social media push, graphic planning…it has been an absolutely amazing ride and I would work with these professionals ANY DAY! For now we just wait and see what our neighbors, work colleagues and family members believe in.


Many of you may not know what our local district proposals are about and you may not understand why we have a huge passion around it but it does make a point that we as Americans have the right to vote and we ALL should remember that. PERIOD. Represent our heritage and #ROCKTHEVOTE on November 4th!

Oh… and if you’re wondering what the proposals we are trying to pass, checkout what the kids of the schools are asking from us.




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