the SNOW is back!

With the first snow day of the year for the kid’s school on November 18th this can only mean that we are in for a solid winter. This past week some of us got together to kick it on the snow covered trails at the Kalamazoo Nature Center.

So joining the No Shave in November (Movember) program was a good thing this year. #warmface  🙂



Going forward this year…

If you have been wondering what my plans are for the rest of the year, well there isn’t anything too exciting except just two items. One, next week Saturday is the lottery for the 2015 Western States 100 that I’ll be crossing all fingers for that lucky, LUCKY name draw. But the odds are definitely against me. In the latest email I received from them stated that I have a 4.7% chance of my name being drawn. Yeah, I need all those fingers crossed plus toes!

Secondly, I’ve signed up to the run The Huff 50k on Dec. 20th with a friend of mine. Definitely not racing it competitively but as a fun run with some friends.

Since the Dances with Dirt Hell 50 miler I decided to take a break and cut my mileage waaaaay back (see bar chart below). One reason was that I was starting to get the burnout feeling/just don’t want to get out the door but also I wanted to let my body recover. Now with the 4 season of running (winter running that is) I’ve found that desire and want to get out on the road/trails to enjoy the freedom of running.

Month Data

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