Sequential Run

About a month or two back a friend of mine, Jim Raseman, and I were chatting and he threw out an idea of running 11 or 15 miles on 12/13/14 and wondered if it was something I’d be interested in joining him on. To run a set distance of miles on a specific day?? COUNT ME IN! So just a couple of weeks back I remembered his idea and threw out a simple Facebook event roll call post to get it on the calendars of some of our friends.

Well as we got closer to the 13th we started noticing the FB page attendance going up and up. Then on Friday the 12th, we had around 60 some Facebook peeps planning to attend.

As I pulled into the parking lot of where the run would start/finish from it was crazy to see so many cars. I’m pretty sure we just about fill that lot. After a quick group photo away we all rolled out on the out-n-back Kal-Haven trail route. Some ran 11 to 15 miles, some walk with friends with whatever distance they planned to do, some ran 20+ miles. But in the end we had 70+ that showed up that morning to get some fresh air and to kick off their 12/13/14 day with some healthy activity.

Now what fun date can we do next with some mileage?  hmmmm




Beer at mile 10!


INKnBURN brothers!


What a great bunch of running peeps!

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