Beautiful Day w/6000+ Friends

It’s pretty hard to put in words a recap on Sunday’s Borgess Run for the Health of It races as the day was something I’ll never forget. So many amazing stories of individuals that conquered battles throughout the past year to toe the line that day. For me it was bitter-sweet witness my dad, a young 74 years old, finish his first half marathon.


I was hoping to run the full marathon this year as it lined up with my training but the full and half races started at the same time this year. I did NOT want to miss my dad finish his race so I opted to run the half and then loop back after I was finished to find my dad.

Dad and I had the honor to share our stories of running/walking the event with WOOD TV8. It was awesome to be able to talk about #TeamSam and how everyone can help us spread the word about Crohn’s Disease with CCFA. Also it was fun to hear dad’s story about his first half marathon.

After our fun with the camera crew and fellow Portage Northern Huskie grad, Ellen Bacca, dad I quickly headed over to the race chute. I checked my gear bag and we lined up. I started the race with dad for the first half mile then we hugged, high-fived and away we went on our own adventure. I had no plans of racing that day but more so of seeing friends on their run and hopefully be able to capture some great moments of this running community. I did have an idea of trying to check up with some buddies that were running with the 1:45 group but I quickly realized that I had at least 5 to 6 minutes gap to attempt to catch them. So I found myself pushing the pace every now and then from 7:30s to low 7s but then I slowed it down as I was having too much fun seeing so many familiar faces and watching everyone have a great time. It was honestly like one huge group run but with 6000+ friends. LOVE IT!

I ended up finishing around chip time of 1:45:30 and gun time of 1:49:23. Yup, there was a bit of a workout involved that day. 🙂


I was able to loop back and finish the walk with my dad for his half marathon distance. I was and still am so proud of him. I knew he could do it as he typically walks 50+ miles a week. Heck sometimes he logs more miles a week than I do. I honestly can’t describe the feeling I had when seeing him out there. But I hope this race recap video I capture will paint the picture of that day for so many but also seeing my dad finish. Oh yea, he finished under 3 hrs too! #MyDadRocks!


I absolutely love this photo as that hand waving is my son, Ben, cheering on his papa to the finish line!


Proud son and proud grandkids

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