BR100 + TeamSam…UNITE!

It seems just like yesterday we found out about our son’s health (read about it here) and how we were going to target a race this year to help raise awareness about IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). I know I have been MIA lately with blog write ups but this past spring/summer has been a roller coaster of a ride from training to working with Sam and helping him cope with Crohn’s Disease. I am happy to report that since our prescribed steps from our doctor we have seen incredible and amazing improvements with Sam’s overall attitude and more importantly his health. So much that after a couple infusion visits (end of April time frame) he had started to gain back about 10 lbs and his SED rate was 10! The SED rate is the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) which is the blood test that can reveal inflammatory activity in your body. Children are typically in the 0 to 10 rate range. When Sam had his first blood work done when we were looking for answers his SED rate was 64. His last infusion visit in late June his results were at a 7. SO THANKFUL!


Burning River 100 with #TeamSam
With just days away before we line up for our attempt to earn our third hundo belt buckle, I feel that this past year’s training hasn’t honestly been the strongest but it has been the most intriguing time spent on my feet. From an amazing support from family and friends to kind strangers leaving inspiration words of support for Sam on our Facebook event page. Thus I do feel that I’m 100% ready to toe the line at Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, OH on July 25th as I know there are many #TeamSam supporters out there.


Looking back on Training
This year I tackled the same type of training program that I have used the past two years when I ran Woodstock Hallucination 100. The overall plan incorporates a type of ‘four week’ plan that has higher mileage weeks for three straight weeks then the fourth week is reduced in mileage (rest week). Having the Haven-Kal-Haven plus the Yankee Springs Double Marathon in the plan definitely helped reassure me that my training was on par. I feel though that this year I did lacked tempo/speed workouts plus not much focus on hill repeats. This is an area that I finally started doing just recently and will DEFINITELY stick to for next year as we have positive vibes to get into 2016 Western States since BR100 is a qualifier. #fingerscrossed I’m sure most ultra runners will testify that the training is honestly the toughest part and running the targeted race is much easier.

Time to Start Planning Drop Bags & Shoes
With just a few days out I’ve started to cruise the social media sites to get input from other local runners on the course conditions as it appears Ohio has had a fair amount of rain this summer which is creating some muddy sections. The area of concern I have with this is wet feet which tend to create blistered feet. Typically I never run with any additional foot ‘additives’ like Vaseline or powder but I will make sure I’m equipped. Overall I’m hoping to have enough extra pair of socks in all of the drop bags and wish for the best. In the end I’m looking to roll with just two sets of shoes (Hoka One One Clifton & Challenger ATRs) but with a third pair (Clifton 2) towards the end just in case the rain/mud sticks around.

Again thank you to all of those that have reached out to us about Sam and our training for Burning River 100. We are excited to represent TeamSam on July 25! I also want to thank my sponsors for their kind words of messages that we received too. INKnBURN, Ultimate Direction, Rudy Project, Tailwind Nutrition and Sole2Soul!


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  2. I hope Sam is doing great. Keep up the good awareness work. From one Parent to another, God Bless.
    Hope your training is going good.

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