Reflect, Plan, Rebuild

Hello ‘interweb’ followers! I know it has been a while since my last blog entry but I took a break from the journaling aspect. Many have been asking what’s on deck for me for the rest of 2015. Nothing. After a solid and busy year I decided to take some time off from the longer 20+ mile runs. I’m using this time off to reflect on the year and begin to build a new training mindset for 2016. I feel that I have plateaued out on my 50 and 100 mile races with effort based on my training. I want to raise the bar now and I think that it’s time to hone in on a plan. I already have TransRockies 6 day run on the schedule so I know that late spring I’ll need to truly look at anaerobic and hill workouts. Stay tuned as I’ll share my plan once I determine what that is. 🙂

Meanwhile I have been loving the times that I can run with no expectations/times and just enjoying the time on my feet. Kinda like getting back to the basics. Sometimes I’ve ditched the watch and all of the gear and just run to run. Annnd sometimes I bring along the GoPro as the trails during this time of the year in Michigan are absolutely amazing! Especially when you can run along Lake Michigan.


A month back the VanLoo group (minus Grandma and a couple others) represented at a fundraiser 5K. I can honestly say that running a hundo is easier than a 5K. #phewthosearefast


I had the honor to pace a buddy to a 12 minute PR at the Grand Rapids Marathon


Yes, I like to ham it up for the paparazzi

This fall I’ve had the honor to join two other coaches in our community to help with a program that I’m truly hoping will ignite in the next years to come. The program is Let Me Run and it’s an after school running program for 4th through 8th grade boys. If you are familiar with the Girls on the Run program this is basically just like it but for boys. In the Kalamazoo area there have been a couple of schools that have done this for the past couple years and it seemed that it was very successful for them so I was grateful that we could kick start this in the Mattawan area. This past weekend one of our boys of the team finished his first 5K. He rocked it!





Another amazing time I’ve truly enjoyed is that my son, Sam, has found a new passion….running trails. For the past couple weekends we, I mean he, has made an effort to make sure we get out on the trails. One weekend run he reached a new distance of 4.6 miles and then just this past Sunday he made it to the 6 mile mark. #ProudDaddy






The one event that I’m truly looking forward to this year still is the good ole Western States lottery day. Oh yes, my ticket will definitely be in the bucket. This will be my second year in a row with my name in the hat and my odds are increasing. Wish me luck! 🙂

So what’s on your calendar for the rest of the year? I’d love to hear what race you’ll be tackling or even what your plans are for 2016. Also I’d love to hear how you’ve tweaked your training over time. Was your plan successful with what you expected?



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