I'm a husband, a father of two amazing boys, an experienced IT leader, a wellness advocate, a member of the Team Challenge of CCFA, a member of the Rudy Project North American team, a member of the BOCO Gear Ambassador group, an athlete with UCAN Generation, an athlete with Spring Energy, an athlete with Gazelle Sports and I'm an ultra runner.  Either it be 5Ks to a 100 miler, I enjoy all distances and adventures that surround running.  I'm an active member of a wellness committee at work and I'm also plugged into local charities (American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen, OAR Run for Autism, Team Challenge for CCFA.org).

Running Background

I started running in 2008 to help shed some of the ‘baby weight’ that I gained while my wife was pregnant (I’m 5’9” and at that time I reached 230 lbs).  Running mainly consisted of hitting up the treadmill for 1 mile before I joined a Les Mills Body Pump class.  I worked out around 2 to 3 times a week.  The weight started to shed off a bit but not much so an instructor told me to start increasing my cardio work thus more miles.  I then took the running to the roads in which I found a new love.  In the spring of 2009 I decided to enter into a 5K to see how it would go.  Well, finishing in the top 10 of my age group out of thousands of participants made me think that I could do this and do pretty good at it if I trained.  So the rest of the year of 2009 consisted of many, many 5Ks along with focusing more on a plyometric style of fitness workouts.  By the end of 2009 I was at 175 lbs.  In 2010 I met up with some child hood friends that have been running for a while as they were training for a spring time half marathon.  So I decided to join them and in the spring I completed my first half marathon.  From there the races where more and more that year along with training for my first marathon (Chicago 2010 marathon).  I completed the Chicago marathon in disgust as I had the flu that day.  I was feeling fine until mile 15 and then the body just broke down.  I forecasted to my family that I should be finishing around 4 hours based on my training but it took me 4:51 minutes to complete.  Needless to say my wife was emotionally happy to see me as I was too to see her.  When coming home from Chicago Monday I rested and attempted to get back on my feet again as I was truly unhappy with my performance as I really wanted to complete under 4 hrs.  As the week progressed I started feeling better and on Friday I signed up for another local marathon (Grand Rapids Marathon) that would be the that coming weekend.  I completed that marathon in 3:38.  From there….well, marathons and ultra marathons have been my races to train and compete in.

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