I had a great idea a few months ago: wouldn’t it be great to turn a 34 mile point to point race into a 68 mile out and back adventure?  Every year in Kalamazoo, MI the Kalamazoo Area Runners (KAR) hold a point to point race on the Kal-Haven Trail (KHT).  Events include solo or, Read More

With just under a week to go before DWD Green Swamp 50 miler, it was great to get out and pace a fun pace group for the 2nd annual Portage Winter Blast Half Marathon on Sunday. Temps were better than last year but the fresh dusting of snow the night before definitely made for, Read More

I added the Grand Rapids Groundhog Marathon event to the ‘to do list’ this year as it fell in line with my training plan plus it was a fun and adventurous race last year.  Last year’s weather was in the single digits and about 2 feet of fresh powder snow.  Fortunately someone drove a, Read More

Over the past month I started toying with making videos with my iPhone and iMovie.  It’s amazing how much editing you can do from your mobile device.  After capturing some video I thought it would be cool to take the camera on the road for some of my races this year as the Dances, Read More

As we welcomed 2014, my wife and I agreed that we would start getting to the pool more often as 1) my wife is absolutely an amazing distance swimmer, 2) the boys love to swim and 3) I thought I could attempt to see if any triathlon would be in my future.  Fortunately my, Read More

From amazing training runs throughout the night to seeing my entire family finish a 5K together, this past year has been a year on the move for all of us.  As I look back it is hard to pin point one highlight as there were so many great times we had as a family, Read More

This past September, a local running club that I’m involved with (Kalamazoo Area Runners) interviewed me for their monthly newsletter that spotlights their members.  Below you’ll find the article and here is a link to the full newsletter.   KAR September Rundown Newsletter A Sprinter Crosses Over By Gale Fischer We are different, in, Read More

As we roll into October most would say it is the official time of the year for autumn and some may even think about getting ready for Halloween. Well this time of the year means marathon time to me. Crazy to think that just 3 years ago now I was gearing up for my, Read More