GoPro Gear

I get many questions about what equipment I use to create the videos and pictures I've captured on my runs so I thought I'd write up a short page about my equipment. Prior to purchasing a GoPro I did a little research on the differences between the black vs the silver editions of the GoPro HERO3+ models. Overall I didn't really need a remote and the other modes of the black model I figured I didn't need. In the end I went with the silver edition as 1) I thought that it would meet all of my expectations and 2) Best Buy was running deal at the time that when you purchase a silver GoPro they threw in, free of charge, a camera case and a memory card. So I pulled the trigger on a GoPro HERO3+ Silver camera. I paired the camera with a larger memory card (64GB) plus purchased another battery.


UPDATE (01/06/15) I recently added a GoPro HERO 4 Black camera to my quiver of toys and wow, this camera is phenomenal. So many new features that I'm sure it will take me some time to get used to but so far I've made two videos this year (PBR One One Run & YSWC 50K) and I'm really impressed.





Quickly after using the GoPro on some of my first runs, I found myself trying to keep my fingers out of the view finder. This was a tricky task each time due to the wide angle lens so I thought it was time for a #selfiestick. I did some research on the different brands that were out there and stumbled upon a company called SP Gadgets and had some great reviews on their products.

I went with the SP Gadgets POV Pole 19". This stick rocks! It's compact enough to fit (with camera attached) into one of my front pockets on my Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Vest for when I'm out on a long run. But then can adjust with a simple twist to extend from 7" to 19" out.

I also purchased this case, the large POV Case, from SP-Gadgets as it holds all of my gear for my camera. This is great when you're traveling around alot and don't want to locate all of your GoPro accessories.