This weekend’s training schedule just got REAL folks. 30 for Saturday and 20 for Sunday. This past week I worked on getting my lower miles but was truly feeling the fatigue from last weekend’s Dirty Burg 50K. Pretty sure it was from the incredible amount of water weight I burned through that day. When the cooler weather gods provided us a great Wednesday morning I was hoping that trend would continue through for today’s run. Read More

Over the past couple years I’ve been sampling different brands of running singlets and shirts.  Most of them had pros and only a select had cons but there was never the ‘cool aspect’ of the shirt’s design that I truly liked.  Most of the time I would get a singlet and work with a local printing shop to come up with a cool design to screen on it.  Downside to adding extra screening to a technical shirt though is that is gets heavy with the screen material.  Thus can lead to chaffing.  Yeeouch!

While searching the interweb this past winter for a 100 mile training program I stumbled across a couple of threads from some ultra runners about a company, INKnBURN, based out of California that create and sell unique athletic apparel.  I checked out their site and while most of apparel is targeted for women I found the men’s section and their designs were EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I’m pretty sure that week I placed my first order.  The blogs where right, their product was top-notch apparel.  Breath-ability, great quality of material and some kick@ss designs!  My first purchased included the green Run or Die Skull singlet and the blue Ultra Runner tech shirt.  When I got the Ultra Runner shirt I was like…is it to cocky to wear this?  Who cares!!!  I’ve run 50 milers….I’m d@mn proud of that and yes, I’m an ultra runner. Read More

Figured I’d take a minute and highlight some amazing activities that occurred this past month on the Ranch.  From re-landscaping to elevation training to trying to co-exist with a high dew point.

On the Ranch

Susan (my wife) and I finally pulled the trigger on a re-landscaping effort around the house.  Out with the old and in the with new!  We’re excited as we see the progress and the boys are really excited as soon we get to witness the cement truck and watch the pros at work. Read More

Woohoo!!!  IT geek VanLoo here & I’m starting up a blog!!  I am super excited though to be able to start sharing my experiences and race adventures with everyone along with what life throws at us here on the ranch each day.  Stay tuned as more posts will develop once I get this thing figured out.

What shall we blog about?

What shall we blog about?