After not hearing our name pulled in last year’s Western States lottery drawing I knew that Western Reserve Racing Burning River 100 would be on our schedule for 2015. This event would 1) give me a chance to earn another #WS100 lottery ticket, 2) teach me what a true point-to-point course involves, and 3) experience a midsummer race with high temps for this area (mid-west). Read More

It seems just like yesterday we found out about our son’s health (read about it here) and how we were going to target a race this year to help raise awareness about IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). I know I have been MIA lately with blog write ups but this past spring/summer has been a roller coaster of a ride from training to working with Sam and helping him cope with Crohn’s Disease. I am happy to report that since our prescribed steps from our doctor we have seen incredible and amazing improvements with Sam’s overall attitude and more importantly his health. Read More

It’s pretty hard to put in words a recap on Sunday’s Borgess Run for the Health of It races as the day was something I’ll never forget. So many amazing stories of individuals that conquered battles throughout the past year to toe the line that day. For me it was bitter-sweet witness my dad, a young 74 years old, finish his first half marathon. Read More

With the Kal-Haven Trail Race date being pushed out a bit later this spring it seemed like a perfect opportunity to target a Haven-Kal-Haven Trail Run…aka #redemption time! I tried this adventure last year (read about it here) but unfortunately had to throw in the towel around mile 56 due to a buckled knee. Read More

On March 5th, 2015 our oldest son, Sam (11 years old), was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease). He had been ill for nearly 3 months and lost an incredible amount of weight. We made several visits to our pediatrician looking for answers. After being poked and prodded, braving many blood tests, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy and a MRI, we finally received his diagnosis.

Watching your child struggle with normal activities, suffer extreme fatigue, lose an incredible amount of weight and endure excruciating abdominal pain and cramping after using the bathroom crushes you as a parent. We want to be able to fix or take away that pain from him in any way possible. But the fact of the matter is there isn’t one solution today to cure this disease. Then while reading up on Crohn’s we learned that there are treatments out there that can help him and hopefully put him in remission so he can enjoy what 11 year old boys should enjoy – LIFE to its fullest potential.

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