Maybe the third year mother nature would ease up and we all would have an easy-going course? NOPE! The inaugural year brought single digits with a foot of fresh snow, last year we experienced what running in a foot of mashed potatoes for 26.2 miles would be like and this year the wind was added. Cold COLD wind that is. Sure the front half of the route you could find a mile section or so and jump onto a decent clear road pace. But the second half of the loop by the river quickly tested your endurance with cold temperatures.
So you maybe asking yourself what is he talking about? Don Kern has been successfully hosting a great race each year on Groundhogs Day called the Groundhog Marathon. The event offers a 4.4 mile race on Saturday night then you can tackle either a half or full marathon distance on Sunday morning. The course is a looped 4.4 mile course in Grand Rapids, MI. On a warm summer day you could probably find that the course is flat and paved. But during our Michigan winters this route can include ankle to waist deep snow drifts, black ice, mashed up snow (aka mashed potatoes) or if you’re lucky packed down trails for 200+ runners. Read More

Snow changing to sleet then to freezing rain at the start of the race…yup, Yankee Springs Winter Challenge was going to live up to its name this year! Leading up to race day I was uncertain how I wanted to tackle the run as I haven’t truly put in the long runs since the DWD Hell 50 miler. Yes I ran the Huff 50K just a few weeks back but the goal and effort of that run was to have fun and hang some friends. During last summers intense training months I usually knock out around 300 miles a month but for these last three months (Oct/Nov/Dec) I only averaged 150 miles per month. I will admit it has been a nice break though as last years races and long miles did add up and I really need a break. Read More

Why not finish up an amazing year with running a 50K with some local running friends? #letsdothis

The Huff is located on the trails of Chain O’Lakes just south of Albion, Indiana. This is also the stomping grounds for the early spring Indiana 100 that I’ve been eyeing recently. Read More

About a month or two back a friend of mine, Jim Raseman, and I were chatting and he threw out an idea of running 11 or 15 miles on 12/13/14 and wondered if it was something I’d be interested in joining him on. To run a set distance of miles on a specific day?? COUNT ME IN! So just a couple of weeks back I remembered his idea and threw out a simple Facebook event roll call post to get it on the calendars of some of our friends.

Well as we got closer to the 13th we started noticing the FB page attendance going up and up. Then on Friday the 12th, we had around 60 some Facebook peeps planning to attend.

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With the first snow day of the year for the kid’s school on November 18th this can only mean that we are in for a solid winter. This past week some of us got together to kick it on the snow covered trails at the Kalamazoo Nature Center. Read More