While mother nature attempted to keep the bears in their den this past weekend, 400+ bears kicked off a wet Sunday morning with a great run from Empire, MI and along Lake Michigan for the 2nd annual Sleeping Bear Half/Full Marathon.  Let’s turn back a couple of days first….Susan and I rolled up to the cottage on Lake Leelanau Friday morning with the Baker family joining us.  Zach Baker and I had been watching the forecast all week as we both were ready and anxious for some decent weather for the race.  While the clouds where thick and provided light rain fall on Friday and Saturday we enjoyed the sights and surroundings that Leelanau county provides.  From multiple visits to Moomers Ice Cream to enjoying some excellent food and beverages at North Peak Brewing Company, the pre-race activities were a BLAST!

Driving through Cadillac, MI

Driving through Cadillac, MI

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Sleeping Bear
As we roll into October most would say it is the official time of the year for autumn and some may even think about getting ready for Halloween. Well this time of the year means marathon time to me. Crazy to think that just 3 years ago now I was gearing up for my first marathon. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon was my 26.2 debut. While my wife and I have enjoyed running this race for the past three years this year we choose to look for an October race that was scaled back a bit from the large crowd. Sleepy Bear Dunes Marathon was the venue that we choose. It is located just 20 minutes from our cottage in Lake Leeleanu county. We figured that this would be a great event that would provide amazing views of the autumn trees as this time of the year nature provides an incredible displays of colors.  What fall race(s) are you looking forward too this year? Read More

Wow, what a week. From our boys starting up school for the year, planning for our oldest son’s birthday, big presentation at work, then getting all my gear packed for the Run Woodstock Hallucination 100…busy week indeed! Being nervous and anxious was a feeling that I haven’t had leading into a race since my first marathon in Chicago of 2010. Luckily the week was packed with many activities in attempt to keep my mind sane.

Little blurb about this far out Woodstock event
Running Fit hosts a late summer race weekend that is jammed packed with events and music. Yes, they do take on the whole 70s music theme – groovy! They spread the love of events over three days. Friday at 4pm kicks off the Hallucination 100 miler and the LSD 100k than that evening at 7:30pm there is a Far Out 5K (which includes a natural run option). Saturday morning is woken up to those toeing the line at 6am for the Peace, Love & 50 Miles + the Freak 50Kers. Then a second round of crazy hippies toe it up for the Half Marathon and Full Marathon at 7:30am. Did I mention they offer a Flower Power 5 Miler at 8am because they do. Wait, I’m not done….7:30pm that evening runners line up with their headlamps trek out for the Trippin’ 5K & 10K. Then Sunday rounds off the weekend with the Free Love 5 Mile. That’s 11 events in a single weekend on some amazing trails in Pinckney, MI. Read More

From attempting to stick to a taper week mileage, bonking hard on a lunch time run, finishing a decent hill repeat day, attending a funeral and wedding on the same day along with an oil change in the Fusion and a headlight replacement on the Trail Blazer THEN making a round trip to Manistee, MI to run a trail marathon, this has been an adventurous week!

Tuesday’s lunchtime run offered up another successful effort with the Run@Lunch crew.  No soreness from the 80+ miles week prior (hundo training paying dividends) so keeping a fun pace with these guys (7:45s) AND able to have a conversation the entire time is AWESOME!  Wednesday’s plan called for a 10 miler but I figured with the trail marathon coming up I could just stick to an 8 mile with Baker at lunch time.  This run was one for the record books and not the good favorable record.  Bonk training run!  Learned that if I don’t eat anything in the morning, lunchtime runs with high humidity equals BONK!  Was super happy though that Baker was there as he definitely helped me get to the end.  Needless to say that I ate like it was a Thanksgiving dinner that day.  Bonus it was a company picnic day thus food was free too!  🙂 Read More

Last year after throwing in the towel when coming through the first lap at the North Country Trail Run (NCTR) 50 miler I told myself that I would sign up for this year’s 50 again for redemption.  But when I finished strong in the Yankee Springs Trail Run Series Challenge this summer I set my 2013 sights on the Run Woodstock 100 which lined up on the calendar 2 weeks after NCTR.  So earlier in the summer I changed my 50 registration to a marathon distance at NCTR.  While I was sadden to not line up with the ultra guys on Saturday morning I was really looking forward to an easy paced marathon run around the beautiful Manistee trails.

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