Hundred mile training week number 22 – CHECK! Last of the higher mileage week (80+ miles) – CHECK! Now onto a three week taper! Phew!  Now that the hard part is done, it should get easier, right?

Look back to last week…

My typical training regiment for the long run weeks include:

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday – 5-6 miles (lunch crew pace which usually equates to a 7:40ish mile)
  • Wednesday – 15 miles (easy pace of 8:00/8:15s)
  • Thursday – 5-6 miles (lunch crew aims to do hills, tempo or speed work)
  • Friday – 5-6 miles with 4 to 6 100 meter stride outs at the end
  • Saturday – 30 miles (pace is what ever the ‘feel’ is that day)
  • Sunday – 20 miles (pace is survive, if that means walking, walking it is)

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You’ve seen me talk about INKnBURN recently and some of you have seen me sporting the tech shirts and tank tops.  Well get use to seeing more of this as this apparel ROCKS!  So why you ask that I love their product so much…..we’ll let me tell you why.

  1. The fit of the tech shirts and tanks are the best I’ve found in my search for running apparel.  Being 5’9″ and pushing 165 lbs, the tank tops fit amazingly even in a size small while I have plenty of room to move in a size medium for the tech shirts.
  2. The graphics are A M A Z I N G !  When you’re incorporating skulls, guitars, mountains, bricks, Samurai warriors, etc. … you know the gear is one of kind.
  3. I was looking for something that would stand out from the crowd when toeing the line.  INKnBURN products definitely provide that unique look from everyone else.
  4. All of their product is made in the USA!  Enough said.
  5. Durable.  I’ve worn my the tech shirts and tank tops all summer during my hundo training and they still look brand new.

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As I finished up week 21 of training last week it was bitter-sweet to be able to knock out my long miles over the weekend up at our cottage on Lake Leelanau.  For those that may not know where Lake Leelanau is, it’s located just west of Traverse City and consists of two large lakes (north and south).  This area of Michigan (Leelanau County) is filled with beautiful hills, lakes, amazing sand dunes that overlook Lake Michigan, scenic vineyards and incredible fishery harbors along the shore.

On our way up to the cottage

On our way up to the cottage.  Amazing color in the sky that evening.

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This basically sums up the weekend!

This basically sums up the weekend! Photo provided by In Your Face Photography

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and craft out a summary of the fantastic events that happened over this past weekend. From enjoying a recovery week in training to relaxing on the new back patio at the Ranch with the family on Sunday afternoon. Read More


As the beginning of this week kicked off I was truly looking forward to a low mileage week that the hundo training plan called for as I knew the week would be packed full of other activities around the ranch. Read More