With the Kal-Haven Trail Race date being pushed out a bit later this spring it seemed like a perfect opportunity to target a Haven-Kal-Haven Trail Run…aka #redemption time! I tried this adventure last year (read about it here) but unfortunately had to throw in the towel around mile 56 due to a buckled knee.

About a month or two back a friend of mine, Jim Raseman, and I were chatting and he threw out an idea of running 11 or 15 miles on 12/13/14 and wondered if it was something I’d be interested in joining him on. To run a set distance of miles on a specific day?? COUNT, Read More

Alarm set for 3am on a Saturday morning?  Yup, must mean that the morning will unfold to another adventurous run.   A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a Facebook post by a fellow trail running friend that mentioned how excited they where for the Bad Apple Ultra.  I remembered hearing about this, Read More

Hundred mile training week number 22 – CHECK! Last of the higher mileage week (80+ miles) – CHECK! Now onto a three week taper! Phew!  Now that the hard part is done, it should get easier, right? Look back to last week… My typical training regiment for the long run weeks include: Monday –, Read More

Figured I’d take a minute and highlight some amazing activities that occurred this past month on the Ranch.  From re-landscaping to elevation training to trying to co-exist with a high dew point. On the Ranch Susan (my wife) and I finally pulled the trigger on a re-landscaping effort around the house.  Out with the, Read More